• Logo designed by best Designing studio In India

    Brand Designing

    Logo is your flag that tells everyone who you are. The more the people recognise it and remember it, the more they will buy from you.
  • Brochure designed by best Designing studio In India

    Brochure/ Catalog Designing

    We plan and write your content, along with your creative visuals, to give you WOW DESIGNS that brand your business.
  • Best webdesign and development solution provider In India

    Website Designing and Developing

    We design awesome websites, that act as your Branding and Marketing tools.
  • Product Photography by one of the best product photographer In India

    Product Photography

    Sensational photographs of your products, compels your custommers to buy your products.
  • Advertisement designed by best Designing studio In India

    Advertisement Designing

    Advertisements are important point of contact with the world, educating them about your products under your brand.

Great Brand Designing

Brand Designing is all about the emotions the people associate with your brand.

Brand designing is a reputation an experience that people remember when associating with your brand.

When your custommers remember you while deciding what to buy, then there is a good change they will spend their money in purchasing your product or services

Branding is very important as its the emotion that goes into your creative, that creates a feeling of trust in your customers about your brand. Businessmen think that by designing a creative, they have achieved their job towards getting those sales they are dreaming of. They are far from right cos you will only get sales as per the emotional response your design creates in the mind of the viewers.

How many entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that you yourself do not like your own website, logo or brochure design?

How many of you entrepreneurs are aware that you are not proud of your brand image and you would like to find someone who can do that magic for you.?

You all know that when you make your sales decisions , its your response to the brand design of a particular creative, but still many of you lack impelling creatives for your own brand.

That is where Colorist Designs, your secialized Corporate Brand Designing solution provider, in India steps in.

We Offer Solutions to create Better Designs for any firm.

We help you in creating that WOW FACTOR by meeting you and getting to know your company. After that we create the emotion, but putting in right image, content, color and design , all combined to speak of an emotion that will portray your brand. We are the experts in the science of emotions that go into creating a design.

Logo designed by best Logo Designing Company In India

Your Brand is your reputation and experience which makes your cleints remember you and choose your product over your competitors. Logo is your brand image and will influence how your clients percieve you in the market. We design you memorable logos you will be proud to assocaite as your brand.We help you develop and design the right brand identity for your business.

Advertisement designed by best Ad Designing Company In India
Ad Designing

We Design sensational ad campaigns with tag lines that catch your attention, along with jaw dropping graphics that will linger in your mind forever. We are a sucessful design agency, that specialize in every aspect of award winning designs, that not only build your brand but also fetch you sales and more profits

Package designed by best Package Designing Company In India
Print / Package Designs

Good print Design go a long way in expanding your market and making people remember your products while making their buying decision. Our Brochure and Catalog designs are scientifically designed to catch attention of your clients with catchy unforgetable graphics and content. Yes we also write and design your marketing content highlighting your strong selling point and advantage over your competitors.

Online Designing Services

Colorist Designs is an specialized Brand Designing Studio / Agency in India.
We offer graphic design, webdesign, print design photograhy solutions to our clients all over the world and India. We have outsourced to clients from U.S.A, Canada, Australia and Emirates. We are open 24/7 frpm Moday - Friday and can be Skyped at harleenkaur69 for more details.

Corporate Brand Designing Studio


Colorist Designs is a specialized Corporate Brand Designing Studio / Agency in Mohali. We offer Corporate Brand Designing Services to our clients all over the world. We are open 24/7 and can be contacted on Skype: harleenkaur69



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